Home Energy Audits

Energy AuditsHome Performance with PINNACLE INSPECTIONS takes your entire home into account—from heating and cooling systems to weatherization—to show how your house uses energy and what improvements will help your home work at peak performance while using the least energy consumption and the most resource efficient and best materials available today.

Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, a PINNACLE INSPECTION certified technician will test and evaluate all components of your home’s interior and exterior.

Your technician will answer questions such as:

  • Do all combustible systems vent correctly out of your home?
  • Why is the bedroom cold while the rest of your home is warm?
  • Do gaps around windows or vents leak warm air during winter and cool air in summer?
  • Do I have healthy indoor air quality? And many more…

After a 3-4 hour comprehensive home assessment, you will receive a customized energy- and cost-saving action plan, identifying which improvements will cut long-term energy costs—calculating energy savings to the dollar—and how they’ll enhance the comfort your home.

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