This project is the second time around the Franklin’s commissioned Pinnacle Inspections to perform their Energy Star certifications.  This time, they were on top of things and we were able to adjust the home during the planning and design stages, before construction (design charrette).  Cindy and Jonathan have been very selective of the components installed in the home and it is proving to be well worth their while.  We have recently performed pre-insulation blower door testing, which has had a dramatic result in finding potential air leakage areas of the buildings shell.

The entire building envelope’s primary insulation is on the exterior side of the walls, roof and foundation.  This leads to a super insulated shell and increases it’s efficiency dramatically.  Exterior insulation is always the best way to insulate.  It drastically reduces the thermal connection between indoors and out. (AKA “Thermal Break”).  This also allows the shell to incorporate a “rain screen” for the roof and walls, which increases the lifespan of all materials and greatly reduces the chances for moisture intrusion and damage.  Another great feature is they are using Alpen triple pane windows made right here in Colorado!  With the large amount of windows, this was a great choice.

The home is still under construction but here are a few photos: